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Wood’s elegance.

WOOD LINE is our latest innovation; an elegant, sobre and modern producto. Partition system with aluminium profiles coated by natural wood. A product intended to be inspiration for those who want to create unique internal areas, where well-being and confort is the first, and where ergonomy is protagonist.

WOOD LINE allows arquitects and designers to introduce organic materials on internal areas partitioning. Perfect combinatination between profiles in wood finish and glass to create warm environments and to connect people with nature.


A wide range of profiles that allow a high number of possibilities; a versatile and flexible product able to meet the most challenging requirements on internal partitioning.

WOOD LINE was the result of the combination of sustainable manufacturing process and natural materials, in order to achieve singular areas focused on nature, people, and environment.

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Sitab. Wohttps://sitab.es/en/productos/wood-en/od Line

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