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“Cradle to Cradle” sustainability certificate.

Serie Trebe, partition system designed and manufactured by SITAB, has obtained “Cradle to Cradle” (C2C) prestigious sustainability certification at bronze level. 

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Cradle to Cradle, “De la cuna a la cuna” in Spanish, is one of the most rigorous ecologic certificate, and just the products that have been designed thinking on the environment can obtain it. C2C certificate makes it possible to assess its products in terms of sustainability in a rigorous way. This certificate recognizes Sitab’s commitment to develop products and processes basing on concepts of removing any contaminating waste. 

To be a Cradle to Cradle company means much more than most of the companies consider sustainability. 

In few words, to be a C2C factory is to design products basing on the continuous cycle of the nature; this concept requires companies using materials and designing the products in a positive way for the environment and for the health of the people. So, when the product reaches its cycle end, all the components of the product will be reused to manufacture new products or to join back the nature by biodegradation without generating pollution. C2C model presents society as an ecosystem in harmony with the rest of the natural 

Serie Trebe of SITAB has been certified sustainability “Cradle to Cradle”. 

SITAB Serie Bronz CERT4825 2021 04 23 001


To guarantee that all the chemical components of the products are defined as positive. This quality is judged depending on some environmental and health criteria. Any material defined as risky should be removed from the process. 


There should be the possibility to identify all the materials that can be reused after reaching the cycle end and the product is recovered. Materials are reused as raw material on a new manufacturing process (technical cycle) or as biologic nutrient (biological cycle). 


One of the most important principles of the C2C is to use sustainable energy as much as possible. 

This way Cradle to Cradle companies guarantee that most of their activities and products do not have a negative impact on the environment. 


C2C companies must guarantee that water resources are being used in a responsible and efficient way, and that the discharges to the rivers are as clean as possible. 


Companies must prove that they meet principles of responsibility in terms of personal and social environment. Companies should try to prove that companies on their supply chain do not violate these principles. 

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If you want to know more about our C2C certificate: http://www.c2ccertified.org/products/scorecard/serie-trebe 

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