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We are Carbon Neutral company!

Our range of products brings a new approach to sustainable solutions to the world of office and design by applying new technologies.
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At SITAB we have always believed in the importance of caring for our planet and taking responsible measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are the first CO2-neutral company in the sector!

Being carbon neutral means that our company has calculated its entire carbon footprint with external auditors such as TÜV, has taken steps to reduce it as much as possible and then, in order to offset the remaining emissions, has funded specific projects to reduce greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


The Sustainability Report of SITAB is a document that compiles and comprehensively presents all information related to the environmental, social, and economic practices of the company.

In this document, the actions and policies implemented by SITAB to reduce its environmental impact, promote ethical practices, and contribute to social well-being are detailed. These measures range from the responsible management of natural resources to the reduction of carbon emissions, the promotion of diversity and equality in the workplace, as well as initiatives to support local communities.

In developing the Sustainability Report, our goal is not only to inform distributors, customers, and suppliers about our sustainable practices but also to promote transparency and highlight the equality policies driven by the company. These types of documents become crucial tools for assessing the performance of an organization and empower stakeholders to make informed decisions when choosing between products and services


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