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SITAB obtains Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the entire SERIE TREBE-KUBIK

In collaboration with THE INTERNATIONAL EPD SYSTEMS, last year SITAB had the cycle life of the product analyzed. The goal was to have SERIE_TREBE’s and KUBIK’s environmental effect measured. As a result, SITAB got the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the complete SERIE_TREBE and KUBIK. Environmental Product Declaration supports SITAB’s commitment to sustainability by manufacturing products with the mínimum environmental effect as possible.

The process to measure, analyze and minimize the environmental effect began in 2011, when Environmental Management System (UNE EN ISO 14001) was set up; in 2015, SERIE TREBE and KUBIK were FSC certified, promoting responsible management of the forests; in 2016 the whole system was Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified. Now achieving Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) another step is given on our commitment to sustainability.

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SITAB is the first national manufacturer obtaining a EPD in which all the modules part of SERIE_TREBE and KUBIK are included. On the EPD all phases of the cycle life were analyzed: supply of raw material, manufacturing, transport and installation on site. On this EPD a detailed analysis for all type of walls, doors or cabinets is shown.

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