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Since it was set up in 2006, SITAB has been commited to the idea of designing and manufacturing sustainable and totally environmentaaly friendly products.

These 15 years SITAB invested in several environmnetal certificates; first one was FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, guaranteeing that wood supply is coming from forests managed by controlled and sustainable exploitation. This avoids uncontrolled deforestation and illegal logging.

Second environmental certificate was C2C, Cradle to Cradle certificate. This certificate was the result of transparency and search for friendly materials’ exercise. Wastes at the end of the cycle life are avoided; in fact, at the end of the cycle life materials are reused to be used on other products.

All products are analyzed in 5 levels: Materials, reuse, sustainable energies, carbon and wáter management and social equity. Moreover, circular economy is designed and tested by C2C. 

Need to innovate and to develop more and more sustainable materials brought SITAB to take part in environment management program and to be ECODESIGN certified according to ISO 14006 standard.


Currently, complete Serie_Trebe is being certified on EPD, Environmental Product Declaration, according to ISO 14025.

EPD provides transparent information about the environmental behaviour of a product, process or activity, based on Cycle life analysis. Raw material extraction, manufacturing, transport, installation, use and end of life are analyzed; this way, EPD allows companies to identify which processes have more impact, and to carry out actions to reduce that impact.

Environmental commitment is becoming more and more important criteria while specifying a product. EPD gives objective information; thus, it is useful in order to compare different products in terms of environmental friendliness based on international standards.

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