Trebe (en)

SITAB, Mampara de vidrio continuo

A complete system designed to project and stimulate interaction and teamwork through the creation of workspaces at the service of people.

Kubik (en)

serie trebe kubik 1

Kubik is a “Room in Room” system that allows to configure freestanding rooms, which do not require any connection to the surrounding structural elements for their assembly. Kubik provides a solution to the new concepts that are being considered in the design of contemporary offices, helping to generate workspaces that stimulate creativity, favor teamwork and meetings between different departments.

Zutik (en)

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The Zutik system offers a wide range of solutions for the creation of separations between workstations, according to the new demands of separation distances between workers.

Wood (en)


Our innovative and exclusive program with aluminum profiles covered in natural oak wood. All the prominence of wood as a differentiating element. A new approach to the use of natural materials in the separation of interior spaces.