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General conditions. SITAB System SLU (hereafter SITAB) is an Spanish public limited company who has the domain name of “www.sitab.es” registered in the Companies House of Bizkaia: Volume:4739 , Book: 0, Page: 73, Sheet BI-47512, Inscrip. 1

Corporate name: Sitab System SLU
Vat number: B-13910120
Adress: Pol. Ind. Itziar, parcela k-2
Post code: 20829
Town: ITZIAR, Gipuzkoa
Country: ESPAÑA 

For any query you can contact us at tel.: +34 943 60 63 75 or email info@sitab.es

Limitation of responsibility

When using this site, you must fulfill the use of terms which we detail later on and the applicable Law. Once you enter and browse the site you are accepting General Conditions.

All information provided by the users is protected by the Spanish Law (15/1999) Personal Data Protection to guarantee that this information will not be used unless the user authorizes it. To commit the mentioned Law, we inform you that your Personal Information is stored in our server only to let you informed about SITAB events. We will inform you only if you authorize it to do it. You have the right to reject these e-mails. If you do not inform it within 30 days, we will understand you allow us to use your Personal Information in the mentioned way.

All registered users may modify or delete any of their information at any time by logging into their account or by e-mail. Information will be updated immediately.

This site is secure, but there are still some risks. SITAB will not be responsible for any direct or indirect problems, materials or financial damages, lost of data when using this site or related sites. Content of this site has not any guarantee.

Information about products and characteristics in this site are placed since the moment we started-up. They are only indicative. They cannot be considered as a contractual offer from SITAB. Mistakes or omissions can occur.

Access to products and services showed in the site can be restricted to any user depending on the privileges that SITAB give them. You must make sure that the Laws of your country authorize to visit our site.

Users and passwords management

When you registered your login and password you write down a name. This account is confidential and it is your responsibility all actions that may occur with your password. Please inform SITAB if you realize your password is being used without authorization. SITAB will not be responsible for any damage or problem caused for the missing of this password or not to fulfill your obligations.

Users and passwords change periodically to guarantee privacy of data in this site. Users are informed about these changes by e-mail.


Current General Conditions are complied with Spanish Law. Spanish is the language of the General Conditions. In case of any lawsuit, this will take place in Alicante Courts (Spain).

Updating general conditions

SITAB reserves the right to modify or update the site in any moment as well as the General Conditions. User must check this section to see which General Conditions are in force in that moment.


SITAB reserves the right to carry out any technical modifications, issues relating to measurements, finishes and prices regarding its products as it considers appropriate, which is why we highly recommended you double check these matters before placing your order.

SITAB is the owner of all the copyrights for the written and graphic contents of this web page as well as all the documentation and published catalogues, which are protected by the law, National and International, with regards to the law on Intellectual and Industrial Property’s. You must not copy, transmit, transcribe, store, alter or reproduce, totally or partially, by electronic or mechanical means, the contents of this document without express and prior consent by SITAB.

In case of any dispute regarding the interpretation or any other matter in relation to these terms and conditions, it will be determined by the courts in ITZIAR, Gipuzkoa, SPAIN