What in 2006 began as an idea, it is today a company with international presence working in office interior design projects worldwide. We designed and patented an interior partition system to make today the offices of the future.


The real value of SITAB is its team.

Team that works every day to achieve the same goal; develop and produce the best partition systems to divide interior spaces. In Sitab we understand that creativity and innovation only emerge within a transparent and honest working environment.

In SITAB, enterprise and employees are governed by these non-negotiable values, working with all our motivation and knowledge. This makes us to develop better partition systems for space division for the satisfaction of our customers.


'UNITING PEOPLE BY DIVIDING SPACES' is more than a slogan, it is a commitment to our customers. Our experience and knowledge in designing intelligent spaces at your service.


Quality is more than a promise or a stamp.

In SITAB we work for the global quality concept: Enterprise quality, product quality and service quality.

We develop and produce our partition systems according to the highest quality standards, to meet all the international standards and with SITAB manufacturer quality commitment.


To work internationally as Sitab does, it is a must to be aware of our responsibility in the field of environmental protection and the use of natural resources.

We develop serie_trebe partition systems from the initial stage of product design up to the last stage of the type of packaging, taking into consideration every ecological aspect by using materials with weak and easily recyclable ecological impact.

Conscious of the need to take a proactive attitude in the defense of the environment, we focus on 'Cradle to Cradle'. This is the intelligent product design which will make it return to the biosphere at the end of its life cycle, imitating the sustainable and regenerative productivity of the nature. Future generations will be thankful tomorrow for our actions today.

"Serie Trebe is Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM at Bronze level"

"Ask for our FSC products, FSC® C102560"


Cradle to Cradle

What's Cradle to Cradle?

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